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HOME Prints on Sale

From October 5 to December 5, 2019, Shutter Hub, the UK photo collective, is selling nearly 200 square prints produced by 80 different photographers around the world to benefit a group of charities that provide services to the homeless. 

You can view all the prints and purchase prints right here.

You can see those same photographs in person, hung with care at the Gallery at Home in Monmouthshire, Wales, from October 5 to 19, 2019. 

More details here.

Here are the photos I have in the gallery exhibit and the print sale:

Printed in New York

I have one photo that will be part of a huge display of more than 13,600 photographs from all over the world in the annual Fujifilm Printlife Photo Exhibition

The exhibition will be open from October 16-20 in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall. The whole point of the exhibit is to cover up some walls and remind people that it’s still very cool to print and display personal photos. My contribution to the effort is an eight-inch square version of this portrait of Emily, a writer and artist based in Denton that I photographed this summer.

“Images in print are more rare as well as less accessible… Prints take up physical space and why would you let something do that if it wasn’t important?… Most of us don’t make enough prints. Making a print is a statement.” - John Paul Caponigro 

HOME Exhibition

I’m pleased to be part of a group of 80 photographers that contributed over 200 images for a special Shutter Hub exhibition called “HOME.” 

The show takes place at the Gallery at Home in Monmouthshire, Wales, from October 5 to 19, and the prints are for sale at Shutter Hub to benefit a group of charities that provide goods, services and help to the homeless.

The details and relevant links are in the flyer below:

Roses: Macro Photo Experiment

Shooting with an iPhone and a Moment Macro lens is really challenging and fun (listening to music on some AirPods helps with the “fun” part).

It seems counterintuitive but now I see why the Moment folks suggest using burst mode when shooting with the macro lens. It’s difficult to keep the phone steady and close-up lenses are really unforgiving with focus. 

Next time I’ll bring a small, battery-powered light and I’ll shoot a few in burst mode to make sure they’re in focus. But if I forget, the “ethereal plant” look is also cool.

Using Format